Mental Health “Glow-Up”: How to Win Gen Z

  1. Health & Wellness: Technology is enabling powerful shifts for patients as well as new care delivery mechanisms. BBGV has made investments within mental health including Spring Health, a precision mental health company that uses AI to match patients with the right care; Real, an on-demand mental health platform that offers “pathways” to address specific care topics; and Shine, a daily self-care mental wellness app.
  2. Underserved & Emerging Consumers: Gen Z will overtake Millennials as the largest generation in 2022. This demographic will drive changes in values and consumer behavior. As Gen Z begins to command greater purchasing power, we make investments knowing that this will become an increasingly important group for platforms and brands to target.

Mental Health Solutions Built for Gen Z

  1. Self-Care Programs: Focus on holistic wellness through programs that can be integrated into daily routines, such as meditation and music therapy
  2. Text-Based Support: On-demand texting with a trusted care professional for convenient access to advice
  3. Social Communities: Online healthy social networks that allow users to share with and respond to others on the platform

1) Self-Care Programs

  • SoundMind, a music therapy app offering a modern solution to reduce symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and depression;
  • Shine, which helps create self-care rituals through meditation, community, and reflection; and
  • Open, a platform offering meditation, breathwork, and movement.

2) Text-Based Support

  • TalkSpace, which enables text, video, and voice messaging with therapists anytime;
  • Ginger, which offers text-based behavioral health coaching; and
  • MindRight, which provides culturally responsive text-based coaching.

3) Social Community

  • Alms, a social network that promotes wellness through user participation in creator-led challenges in areas including personal growth;
  • Blue Fever, an anonymous social network platform for expression and support of emotions; and
  • Inpathy, a healthy social network for users to share audio or video content with each other.





BBG Ventures is an early-stage fund backing female founders with big ideas that will reshape the way we live.

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BBG Ventures

BBG Ventures

BBG Ventures is an early-stage fund backing female founders with big ideas that will reshape the way we live.

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