Legal Justice for All with Amélie-Sophie Vavrovsky

You are an Austrian immigrant who has lived in the United States for high school, college, and now law school. What does ‘home’ mean for you in a country that is technically foreign?

How did your experience as an international student and public policy professional in the U.S. influence your decision to found Formally? How has it influenced the way you interact with venture capital, startups, and the tech industry overall?

And did that influence your decision to found Formally as a startup, rather than a non-profit?

Formally is a legal tech startup on a mission to increase access to justice through intelligent technology and accessible design. Can you elaborate on what “access to justice” means to you?

Why is it important for Formally to exist in America specifically?

What sector of the immigration system do you think requires the most focus for America to be a more just place? How is Formally working to address that?

You’ve focused on learning languages throughout your life. What does linguistic identity have to do with cultural or national identity? How have your language skills impacted your work at Formally?

What do you wish Americans who are born here and don’t have to go through the immigration process knew about the immigration system?

What advice would you give to those who see injustice in the United States?

What advice would you give to start-up founders who are tackling public policy and governmental issues?



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